I use this blog as a place to keep things that I may want to come back to – stories, mainly, that I think may grow into songs one day, or other things that I have read and found interesting. Occasionally I also use this space to spout about things that I think are important, usually with the aim of encouraging others to think about them too and to make up their own minds.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a commonplace book is a day-to-day notebook used for keeping quotations, ideas and other pieces of information, usually on a common theme; a kind of scrap-book for arranging material by topic.

I particularly enjoy making music (writing songs, playing fiddle and double bass) and play in a couple of bands. There’s more about that here but for (slightly) more info find me on Twitter @teawithlizzie. And yes, I am often found with a cup of tea in hand.