Joseph Emidy’s grave

Joseph Emidy's graveToday I finally remembered to look for the gravestone of violinist and composer Joseph Emidy, famous in his time. He is buried in Kenwyn Churchyard.

“He was a native of Portugal which country he quitted about forty years since and, pursuing the Musical profession, resided in Cornwall until the close of his earthly career.”

In actual fact he was sold as a slave from his native West Africa and worked on the plantations in Brazil before his owner brought him to Portugal where he was taught to play the violin. His story is told in Alan M. Kent’s play ‘The Tin Violin’.


Fiddles made from clogs

Repost from the Horniman Museum blog, in-the-horniman:

How about this for repurposing your old shoes – a fiddle made from a wooden clog! This clog fiddle was made in the Netherlands and played by sailors on the Meuse river.